HowToBet emphasizes responsible gambling as online sports betting soars


Malta –News Direct– is emphasizing the importance of responsible gambling after the latest industry figures show that the popularity of online sports betting is growing at a relentless rate. The ‘betting guide, which is designed to educate adults on how to bet safely and sensibly, says sports fans need to work harder to gamble responsibly.

The latest numbers from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement show the online and retail sports betting handful in New Jersey for March 2022 was $1.1 billion in wagers. This is a 30.7% increase from the $859.3 million reported in March 2021. This is a 13.7% increase from the $985.6 million in February of this year. The total cumulative amount of sports betting in the state of New Jersey, since the launch of sports betting in 2018, is $25.6 billion.

These trends are replicated in most states that have legalized online sports betting. While this is good news for the gambling industry as a whole, the skyrocketing popularity of sports betting is not without potential dangers. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for adults to learn how to gamble responsibly. saw this situation coming a long time ago. A leading provider of how-to guides and freely accessible articles on all aspects of online gambling, it emphasizes the importance of responsible gambling every step of the way. In addition to helping its readers choose only legal and reputable sportsbooks and casinos, such as DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars, it also encourages a rational and conservative approach to betting rather than a dangerously emotional one.

Currently, has over 600 articles and guides available, and that number is growing week by week. Considered by many to be “the original guide to how to bet”, all of its content is written by seasoned journalists who are passionate about enjoying online sports betting responsibly.

“Don’t get me wrong, we love the world of online sports betting,” said Cristian Campan, Product Owner at “But we are also the first to recognize that this is not without potential dangers. As online sports betting continues to grow in popularity, there is also a need for us to educate people on how to do so in a way that minimizes the risk of harm.

“So our approach is to explain how online sports betting works and how individuals can properly assess risk and bet more consciously and deliberately. I hope HowToBet helps people enjoy sports betting the same way they drive their car – cautiously rather than recklessly.

HowToBet currently provides a wealth of free guides on all aspects of sports betting, including How To Bet On The Kentucky Derby. Those of you who want to be in the know before the event can visit

—- offers one of the most comprehensive betting guides in the world, accessible via a user-friendly web application. Its mission is to help make online betting safe, fun and as easy as a Google search. There are already over 600 how-to guides available for free, all written by seasoned betting professionals. More guides are added weekly in an ongoing effort to educate anyone interested in what is now a $199 billion betting industry. For more details, visit:


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